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Manny Sub Roller Kit

Neptonics is excited to offer the newly redesigned MannySub Roller Power Head Kit- coveted as the best roller muzzle in the world with an extensive history of smashing some of the biggest fish on the smallest euro guns. Designed for 16mm & 18mm Bands.

The MannySub Roller Power Head is available in black, comes with one adapter, three different types of dyneema lines for the installation, stainless fittings and easy- to-follow rigging instructions. *Add rubber to complete your conversion. 

Manny Sub Roller Kit

REG $210.00 SALE $149.00
5 Feet of Rubber
Rubber Diameter

The new design brings several improvements: one-piece 40% glass-filled nylon design, light-weight carbon-fibre side plates, built-in anchor point for a bungee line with a 2.5 mm reel-line guide, along with an easy and fast loading system. These refinements make the Roller Power Head the most popular roller conversion kit available in the market.

The bearings are light-weight and low-friction for maximum power transfer. Made from acetal, with encapsulated glass balls to stop sand and salt-water damage.

By eliminating recoil and generating more than double the power for a given barrel length, a Roller Power Head offers greater accuracy, penetration, range and manoeuvrability.

A speargun equipped with the Roller Power Head uses 100% of the barrel length to propel the spear. Pre-tensioned rubbers and a greater rubber-stretch yields significantly more power. 

Any Euro Speargun can be converted into a roller speargun with this system.

Two wraps of shooting line is recommended when using 16 & 18 mm rubbers.