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abalone float

Abalone Float

The Neptonic Systems abalone float is a must have for any avid, sport diver. This 28-inch diameter float is configured to fulfill many roles that true enthusiasts will be drawn to for practicality and design. This float is constructed of high-quality nylon.

This abalone float comes in red color and white scuba stripe . The float features backpack straps that make it easy to carry your float to and from you secret abalone spot.

The abalone float is not just for abalone diving. Use it for sea urchin, spearfishing and more. With 2 large zippered compartments, you can fit all of your catch! These large storage compartments will easily store you legal limit of abalone and lots of fish.

Of course, there are many, customizable accessories that will make sure your abalone float is catered specifically for your needs. Include a rigged kelp clip to anchor your float to the kelp while you are hunting fish or abalone. Also, we offer inner-tubes separately for your abalone float. Need more room and a great dive platform? The abalone float stash and backpack will meet your needs!

Neptonic Systems products are designed and used by spearfishing and diving enthusiasts. We want to make sure our customers only use the best suited equipment wherever your abalone, sea urchin or spearfishing travels take you! From the Coast of California to the waters off New Zealand we got your abalone covered!

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abalone float
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