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rubber freediving weight belts

Marseilles Freediving Belt

The Marseilles rubber weight belt from Neptonic Systems is a great choice for free diving and spearfishing. This belt is ultra stretchy and stays around your waist.

The reason rubber freediving belts work so well....

When you dive, the deeper you go the more your body compresses and your waist becomes smaller. As your waist becomes smaller a normal weight belt will become loose and slip up around your chest. A stretchy rubber weightbelt shrinks as your waist shrinks and stays snug around your waist. As you come up from your dive your body is expanding again and the stretchy weightbelt expands with you without becoming to tight and uncomfortable.

This belt holds weight firmly against the body. It is very comfortable and does not impair breathing due to the flexibility of the rubber. This Marseilles rubber weight belt is nicest we have used.



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